Product Announcements

Product Enhancements Coming in August!

Stewardship Technology is excited to announce new product features and major partnership integrations to its Electronic Giving Solutions Platform.


New Product Features include:

Customized Email

  • Ability to customize the Donation Processed – Thank You email with information important to you and your customers.

Donation/Giving Form – Notes Field

  • Use the customized notes field to capture additional data on your customers or provide additional information on our cause.

Text To Give

  • Text to Give, also known as text to tithe, text giving, and text donate is a fast and easy way for donors to give to your church or organizations using text messaging.
  • To generate a text to donate gift for your church or organizations is as simple as selecting a keyword or short code number, your donor texts that code and will receive a link to a secure and mobile-friendly donation page that can be used to give by using their credit or debit card.
  • It’s that easy!

Event Registration

  • Use online registration to maximize staff productivity and increase response and attendance rates.
  • Churches and organizations can use the event registration module for church events, school activities, and mission trips.

Product Tab

  • When you log into Beneficiary Web to view your Dashboard, click on our new products tab. This will help you keep updated on the new products, features and functionality Stewardship is offering current customers. Reach out to learn more by clicking on the contact us button.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Additional donor reports are available through Beneficiary Web. Use these reports to help you reach out to donors at the appropriate time regarding upcoming events and ways to support your mission.



We have integration of our Electronic Giving Solutions platform with the following new partners:

  • EKYROS – CRM Provider
  • WayCool – CRM Provider
  • Donor Trends – Donor Data Analytics Provider
  • Visiting Angels– Home Healthcare Provider – MissionPay (Billing & Payments)

For additional information regarding our product enhancements, please contact us below.

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Take Your Nonprofit To The Next Level

Running a non-profit organization requires a lot of work and planning. You need to recruit, train and utilize volunteers, organize fundraisers and manage the daily operations of your not-for-profit organization. When it comes to fundraising ideas, you don’t want to be stuck doing the same candy fundraisers so common with schools and clubs. You need fresh and exciting fundraising programs if you want to attract donors and expand your reach.

One of the most common limitations for the growth of non-profit companies is the number of charitable donations they receive in any given fiscal year or quarter. Relying on the same corporate donors or in-person donations will continue to keep your charitable organization from real growth. You need to consider how online fundraising could give you the boost you need.

Convenience Is Everything to Modern Donors

Since the explosion in popularity of social media in the last decade, people across the country have begun conducting more and more business online. That includes finding, researching and donating to charities and non-profit organizations. Individual users sharing donation pages and information about donation drives can help nonprofits reach new donors and increase their budgets.

Just like with shopping, the modern consumer expects near-instant gratification when it comes to giving to charities. You have an opportunity when an interested person clicks on your website or a post you shared on social media. In order to capitalize on that opportunity, you need to make donating as convenient as possible. Creating a simple, secure online fundraising system can help drive new donations and convert more followers and visitors into donors.


woman on phone

Ideally, your donor platform will accept a range of digital payment options, including ACH transfers, online credit and debit card payments, and even mobile payment options. The more options you provide for potential donors, the easier it will be for them to follow through with the impulse to give to your non-profit organization.

Viral Online Sharing Can Give Your Organization a Boost

When you put the time, thought and investment into creating a fundraising event, you want to see a return on that investment. Sharing humorous videos, attractive photos, original memes and thoughtful social media posts can incentivize your followers and current donors to share your content with their friends and family. The more engaging your promotional content, the better your chances of having people share it with others. The more shares and new traffic you have, the better your chances of seeing real returns on a fundraising effort.

All the viral shares in the world won’t help your non-profit organization if the people sharing and enjoying your content can’t quickly and conveniently donate. Before you put in the time and financial investment to start new fundraising programs, make sure your website and social media pages are easy to navigate and provide simple options for donations. Online fundraising for nonprofits is a rapidly growing field.

Don’t get left behind by only accepting in-person donations. Capitalize on your online presence by accepting online donations. Doing so can only help your non-profit organization grow.


For information regarding our All-in-One Donation Management Platform, contact us today to explore all of the features and integration tools we offer in one platform. 

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Stewardship Technology Announces Partnership with eKYROS

Press Release 6-2018 eKYROS


IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Mount Vernon, Ohio) Stewardship Technology signs partnership agreement with the number one pregnancy management software solution serving the Pro-Life Ministry.

Press Release 6-2018 eKYROS



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Tips for Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

It is always important to say thank you to your donors for supporting your organization. But more than saying thank you, let them know how their support has impacted your mission! 77% of donors believe everyone can make a difference by supporting a cause. (1) An engaged donor is more likely to donate again.


Tips for Saying Thank You:

  • Send out an email saying “Thank You” in the subject line. Research shows that emails with a statement of thanks in the subject line are 38-69% more likely to be read. (2)
  • Share a story. There is no better way to show a donor their impact than with a testimonial from someone who has been impacted by their giving.
  • Only if necessary use words. Share a picture or use a graph to show donors how their contribution has been put to work.


You can use your EGS Donor Statistical Graph to download a list of your active donors and then do a mail merge with your email provider to send your thank you email. Below are the steps when using Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word.


From the Dashboard, view your Donor Statistical box at the bottom of your page. Click on View All to download your CSV spreadsheet.


Thank you


Filter and edit your spreadsheet so that only the columns with the first name, last name, and email address are showing. Then save your document.


Thank you 1

Thank you 2

Thank you 3

Next, open a new Microsoft Word document. Then click on Mailingsà Start Mail Merge à then E-mail Messages.

Thank you 4


Next, click on Select Recipients à Use an Existing List à then choose your saved spreadsheet.


Thank you 5

After you have finished writing your letter click on Finish & Merge then Send Email Messages…


Thank you 6


Then give your email a subject. Don’t forget to say thank you in your subject line! Then click ok. When you click ok, your message will be sent. If you check your sent folder in Outlook, you can view all your sent messages.

Thank you 7






Online Donations

How to Engage Millennials to Donate Through Social Media


donating through social media

Donating through social media is an emerging form that’s revolutionizing donations. Bringing new expectations to charitable contributions, millennials are shaking up what used to be a routine platform. Understanding how this generation views and feels about charity is essential in creating events, they will be excited to raise money for and participate in.

Donating Through Social Media

Millennials are unique in the fact that they are not the most financially stable generation, yet according to “The Millennial Impact Report” taken in 2014, 84% made a charitable donation in 2014. With about 80 million millennials in the United States, that means almost 67 million of them donated to causes they believed in.

There is a preconceived idea that it is a lost cause to try to receive donations from a generation struggling with student loan debt, but that could not be further from the truth.

There are many ways to grab the attention of millennials, but what really stands out is being able to create experiences they can post about. Social media platforms are free and there to be utilized, if they’re already going to be posting about it, your organization might as well take advantage of the marketing. Apps such as Snap Chat create filters called Geo-tags otherwise known as geography tags showing the location of the user. Create a hands-on event such as a dance-a-thon, cook-off events or even something as simple as a half marathon, these are events to show up to, and therefore the location needs to be shared. When you see one millennial it is likely there will be others not too far behind, posting where they’re at and what they’re doing is likely going to cause others to come join.

When using social media, there is also a great feature of setting up donations via text messaging. High function simplicity is key to grasping this generation’s attention. Red Cross, for example, has a phone number set up for quick donations in $10 increments when natural disasters strike. You can have something similar set up for your organization through many nonprofit companies such as “Giving Fire” which doesn’t charge a fee for each text-based donation you receive as well as making it very simple for your donor.

Millennials care about issues, not organizations and that is important to keep in mind when trying to raise money for your group or nonprofit. Being transparent and providing accurate information of where the donation will be going will likely help your success. With that comes grey territory, although this generation appreciates transparency, millennials want information quick and probably will not read lengthy newsletters or long-winded emails. Twitter has limited number of characters that can be used per tweet, meaning you need to grasp millennials attention quickly and thoroughly.

Pairing an exciting photo of last year’s Dance-a-Thon or Bubble Run with a tweet explaining the details and a website link of where to sign up will gravitate traffic to your organization’s website where you can better tell what you have planned. Another benefit of mobile and online donations, they are easy to track and keep the record of whereas checks can take a while to receive if they are by mail and then even longer to be cleared by the bank.

In the eyes of a millennial, minimal steps such as, Tweeting, “liking” photos, and sharing links online is a step helping charity. Being patient and building up a relationship with your potential donors is how you will retain loyal donations from this generation. They might not donate from the start but once trusting your charity or organization, they will volunteer time or donate money.

Meeting the demands of millennials expectations can be challenging for companies who have
Been doing the same thing for years but the change will be rewarding. If your charity is helping build schools or feeding children, millennials expect that they will be able to share those photos on their Facebook page with their friends.

Donating through social media is key to keeping millennials interested. The more shares and retweets are better for your image as well as satisfying to your potential donors, everyone wins.  You can use social media to your advantage with donations.

Using Stewardships electronic giving solution, you can use custom reporting and share mobile-friendly web pages to your followers and community. Sharing the opportunity to donate more often will increase the likelihood to give. Therefore, using an online giving platform will increase millennials to donate through social media.

Are you interested in increasing your donations? Contact us today!