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Webinar Schedule

Please join us to learn more about our Donation Mangement Platform and our integrated products and services. All webinars will be held at 3pm EST. 




June 21st: Training: Events and Custom Themes – Details To Come.



April 5th– Administrative Screens – new features focusing on designations and stat boxes.

Peer to Peer Fundraising and Crowdfunding – How to effectively use our platform for mission trips, race, run, walk events, capital campaigns and any fundraising event.

Watch April 5th Webinar Here


April 19th– Electronic Giving Solutions: Donation Management Platform features and functionality including our newly released Giving Forms, Administration tool upgrade, Event Registration functionality, Text to Give and Donor Management. The All In One Integrated Platform.

When: Apr 19, 2018 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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May 3rd Electronic Giving Solutions: Donation Management Platform features and functionality including our newly released Giving Forms, Administration tool upgrade, Event Registration functionality, Text to Give and Donor Management. The All In One Integrated Platform.

When: May 3rd 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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May 17th– Electronic Giving Solutions: Donation Management Platform features and functionality including our newly released Giving Forms, Administration tool upgrade, Event Registration functionality, Text to Give and Donor Management. The All In One Integrated Platform.

When: May 17th: 3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Watch May 17th Webinar Here 


June 7th: EGS Payroll with special guest speaker, Joanne Taylor

When: June 7th: 3:00PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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June 21st: Training: Events and Custom Themes – Details To Come.



Product Announcements

Product Upgrade – Administrative Screens


The First Step….to NEW administrative screens

Today we took the first step of many in redesigning our Administrative Screens. The look might be a bit different but don’t worry, all our core features and functionality are still there. In fact….we even added a few things!
What’s New?

The main addition is the 4 statistical boxes on the dashboard page. These will give you up to the minute statistics on how your giving is doing this year and how it compares to last year in the given time frame. This is also the beginning step towards new design and styling you will see in the next month.

What’s Changed?

We redesigned the tabs at the top and move a couple of the tabs to new places. You will find profile and security under the drop-down next to your name. You will find settings and support under the gear next to your name. You will also find the Quick Transaction and the Check Entry links under the main page of the donor tab.

What’s Coming Next……

In a couple of weeks, you will see a new look to the dashboard that contains more statistics but also retains the calendar and transactions lists you are used to. You will also be able to set admin themes for your administrative screen. Get excited!!

Electronic Giving Solutions

How Online Giving Can Save You Time

By offering an online giving solution, your organization is opening up new ways to increase donations while saving time. We have seen a 40% increase in giving when an online solution is offered to donors.

Once your organization’s website is live, the next task to tackle is determining your fundraising strategy including online donations, text to give, donor management, peer to peer fundraising, event registration, and crowdfunding. Demographic data and information that once had to be manually captured and keyed into databases can now be automatically updated, be tracked, and used to reach out to donors at the time they like to give and track what they are truly passionate about.

To easily track who your donors are, make sure your website has a sign-up page that collects basic information; name, email, phone number, and address. By doing this, your organization will have a virtual phone book and the information can easily be looked up and accessed. Whenever you need to send out mass emails or generate a mailing list, it will always be up to date and ready.

Once online, there are many things you can automate that will help your organization. Items such as tax receipts, for example, can be sent immediately after a donation is made and customized emails that thank your donors for giving that can be shared on social media to generate additional interest in your cause. By virtually sending thank you’s, your organization will also save money on cards and postage stamps.

Be sure there is an option for donors to “share” when they have donated to your organization on their various social media accounts. In doing so, the advertisement is done, and the donor gets to brag about what they are involved in. To have this option, your organization will need to be active on different social media accounts, especially Facebook, but Twitter and Instagram are also important.

When initially setting up your organization’s website, make sure it is easy to access as well as easy to maneuver. If your website is frustrating to use because of the layout or simple site errors, you will likely lose donations because people will give up. Make sure the donation page actively protects the donor’s card, and they don’t have any hesitation about entering their credit card information on your page. Keeping all of your event calendars and stories up to date on your website will likely help build trust between your donors and your website.

When creating a site, it is easy to get caught up in perfection and hold back on releasing it to your volunteers and donors. Although you do want it to look great, it is important to remember to spend only 20% of your time creating the website and its content and 80% of the time promoting it. If the most beautiful site doesn’t have any foot traffic or views, there isn’t a point in it existing. Without donations and volunteers sharing your website, it will be hard for potential new members to learn more about your organization.

Another great way to reach a mass amount of people is to utilize your sign-up page. Make sure you send out monthly, or even bi-weekly newsletters to all of the emails entered on that page. By doing so, you are helping keep all members in the loop which limits confusion to any events that may be happening within the organization.

In a world with everything changing at the click of a button, it is essential to keep your organization relevant and active in donor’s minds. You can utilize your coveted volunteer efforts towards positions that will make a difference rather than keeping the books and sending thank you’s.

At Stewardship Technology our Electronic Giving Solutions platform easily integrates with your current website, allowing you to customize giving forms, offers text to give, peer to peer fundraising and crowdfunding options to your donors. You can manage your donors with our integrated donation management solutions at one low monthly fee and the lowest processing fees in the industry.

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Product Announcements

MissionPay Platform & Electonic Giving Solutions – Join our Webinar and Learn More

Stewardship Technology’s MissionPay payment platform is a cloud-based omnichannel front-end that can easily integrate with any ISO, ISA, or VAR utilizing our proprietary gateway, online merchant boarding tool, and API’S:

  • One-stop shop enabling merchants and partners to engage their consumers anytime, anywhere, anyway by selecting multiple payment options, channels, products and services that are custom tailored to their unique business needs
  • Open platform that is self-service based, processor and back-end platform agnostic; allowing the merchant and partner to white label all the products and services to customize the payment experience to their end consumer
  • MissionPay automates and streamlines the merchant and partners implementation process from on-boarding, through data exchange, A/R integration, and custom reporting
  • Plug-and-play architecture facilitates our ability to interface with any front-end or back-end platform through simple, standard API calls
  • Tokenization, PCI compliant payment forms, Point of Sale (POS) software products and card swipe devices used to accept all forms of electronic payment in any acceptable environment

Stewardship Technology’s Electronic Giving Solutions platform and self-service administrative tools provide all the services necessary to support non-profits and faith-based organizations:

  • Our newly redesigned Donation Form allows intuitive navigation for the donor to complete payment transactions on one screen
  • Branding flexibility that allows the client to embed logos, wallpaper, banners, background colors, fonts and organization-specific demographic fields through an online donation or mobile payment page
    • Configurable payment options including one-time payments, scheduled payments, and recurring payment setup
    • Configurable payment types including all major credit and debit cards and eCheck processing
  • Donor pays fee option
  • Real-time reporting and downloadable demographic data on the payer
  • Collection of e-mail & mobile information for future online marketing
  • Peer to Peer fundraising and Crowdfunding capabilities to easily host your event, capital raises, and fundraising for missions
  • Event Registration
  • Text to Give makes it easy for donors to give through a mobile device

Come join us for today’s webinar at 3pm to learn more: