5 Ways an Electronic Giving Solution Can Help Your Church

1. Advertise where your donation will be going.

Use images and stories to connect with your congregation. When members see the good their contribution can do, they are more inspired to give.

2. Create the option for recurring donations.

When members schedule their regular donations, your church has a better idea of what donations will look like in the coming months. This will allow you to keep your budget on track.

3. Provide an incentive with exclusive benefits.

Recognize your members for their generosity. Offer a small gift or handwritten thank you letter to those who give regularly. People like to know that their donations are appreciated.

4. Offer transparency.

Be completely transparent with how your church is spending the money that is given in tithes and offerings. Transparency builds trust with your congregation.

5. Get input on new projects.

If you aren’t sure where your congregation’s contributions would be best put to use, customize an online giving form to allow members to select where their contributions will go. This will allow your donor to pick what projects are important to them and will give you insight into the priorities of your community.

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