A Basic Guide to Renewable Energy Sources  

A Basic Guide to Renewable Energy Sources  

This guide is to help you understand renewable energy sources. The definition of a renewable energy source is one that is replaced naturally at a percentage equal to or faster than human consumption. Four types of renewable energy sources are solar, wind, water and sometimes overlooked geothermal. Now it is time to examine each of these    solar power system   energy sources so that we can learn more about each type.

Solar energy – Solar energy is energy that radiates from the sun. solar energy has many beneficial uses including; solar radiation that can produce electricity through the use of photo voltaic cells, heating of water through convection, solar heating for homes, and many other innovations being developed. Of all the sources of energy that I discuss in this article, I believe solar can be the best choice for our future electrical needs.


Wind energy – One type of renewable energy is the use of wind to produce electricity. This is one type of energy that may not benefit everyone. Because of location, there may not be enough wind to generate electricity, wind turbine location actually determines if this might be a viable source of power for your personal use. Giant wind farms are being built nation-wide to help produce electricity to power our homes. Wind mills have been used by farmers to pump water from wells. By using a wind powered pump, water is extracted from deep in the earth to irrigate crops.


Water energy – Water energy is created when water either falls to turn a mechanical device or a river which flows through a man-made damn. This type of energy as been in use since the turn of the 20th century, with huge damns being built by U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to generate electrical power for our cities. The principle behind water generation or called hydroelectric, is to build a damn with a water depth change of several hundred feet. Water is considered a renewable energy resource because our planet has an abundance of rivers and streams, which replenish themselves with annual rainfall amounts.


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