Movie Reviews For Parents – It’s Annoying Out There!  

Movie Reviews For Parents – It’s Annoying Out There!


Movie review sites, in their attempt to be helpful, aim their reviews toward the film’s target audience. This makes perfect sense, of course. Why would you want to market a film for someone who would never want to watch it? But the strategy breaks down when   รีวิวหนัง

it comes to childrens’ movies? Why? Because there is a massive segment of our society that has no choice but to watch kids movies, no matter how painful they can be. These victims are known as parents.

Indeed, parents always get the short end of the stick. Everyone is looking out for the children. That’s noble, I realize, but let’s be honest: kids will be pleased with pretty much any form of entertainment so long as it is presented on a bright monitor. Does it really help then, for a reviewer to tell parents “Your kids will love ‘Most Valuable Primate,'” a movie about a hockey playing chimp? Of course not.

Most family movie review sites aren’t any more helpful. Sure, they warn you about objectionable content for your kid, which is helpful. But what about the content that harms the emotional and intellectual well being of the adults?

What parents really need is someone to warn them of potentially infuriating titles before their kids are exposed and become addicted. Unfortunately, at least half of all kids productions will fall into that category, being moderately to severely annoying to any and all grown-ups within earshot.

Consider some examples from the past year:

Beverly Hills Chihuahua:Who can deny this movie was made only because a billion little kids loved the phrase “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”? Grown-ups who took their kids to this film suffered great pain. Somebody should have warned them!

G Force: Grown men and women do not watch guinea pig movies for fun. The only way to get grown-ups into the theater was to lure them with Arrested Development’s Will Arnett. But how could Arnett save them from the migraine headaches that the movie would cause?

Hannah MontanaThis secret pop star’s adventures call to mind all the great Amtrak train accidents of the twentieth century. And with every new collision, the empire of Miley and Billy Ray only expands. Grown-ups hate this show, but for too many of them, it’s simply too late to act.

But there were other titles, too, which did no damage to adult sensibilities. Pixar’s “Up” was a tremendous movie, and other films like “Monsters Vs. Aliens” and “Bolt” were respectable as well. Good kids movies are out there, but they sometimes take some digging, because for every Ratatouille, there is a Strawberry Shortcake, two Barbies and a Buddies movie. Kids entertainment is a mine field of insanity.


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