How to Create the Perfect Custom Sign For Your Business 

How to Create the Perfect Custom Sign For Your Business  

Know that you need a sign for your business, but you’re unsure where to start? Here are 5 crucial things you need to be aware of in order to create the ideal custom business sign:

  1. Message
    What message do you want to communicate, and how could you do that in the most concise way possible?Bear in mind, signs tend to be read in just a second or two, so it’s important to get sign shop st louis mo

your message across as quickly as you can.

It’s also important to ensure it is clearly understandable, and doesn’t leave people wondering what you mean or otherwise confused.

  1. Type
    What type of sign is it? For example, you might be:
    -> Warning people-> Selling something-> Giving something away-> Reminding people-> Creating your business identity or ‘branding’
  2. Colour
    How will you use colour on your custom sign? Think about how important colour is to signage in general – for example, red background signs grab people’s attention and can be used to warn or even order people to do something (like a Stop sign), yellow can sometimes be used similarly, whereas signs with a white background tend to be informational in nature (eg.street or directional signs). Blue signs can look trustworthy and authoritative.Or perhaps you want your sign to match the colours that are used for say the logo for your business – or if your business logo is to be used on the sign, a white background might be the best way forward.
  3. Shape and Size
    Signs come in all sizes and shapes and can generally be made to any shape you specify, but you need to think about the what your sign will be used for when determining the shape. A rectangular sign is usually the most appropriate for businesses to use for a lot of different purposes, but perhaps a circular sign might grab more attention depending on how you are intending to use your sign.In considering size, think about where you will position your sign – and not just the size of the sign itself, but also how big the lettering is. Do you intend for your sign to be read by people up close, or does it need to be readable by people some distance away.


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