The History of the Xbox 360 – Where It Has Come From and How It Has Progressed

The History of the Xbox 360 – Where It Has Come From and How It Has Progressed


Xbox 360 Core:

The Xbox 360 Core used to be the cheapest edition of the XBox 360 which was later substituted with the “Arcade”. It was released in numerous nations but, it was not accessible in Japan until November 2, 2006. The Core console came bundled with composite video leads, capable of only standard TV resolutions. It was however capable of the same high def resolutions (up to 1080i) as the other models when connected    360 filming    to a separately sold Component line. In October 2006, 1080p support was added for all models in a system update, including the “Core” using either the component wire, or the new VGA wire (although 1080p via component was not widely supported by televisions). You may also set up your own hard drive in your console. Unlike all other SKUs, it shipped with a wired version of the Xbox 360 controller, instead of the wireless version found in other SKUs.

Xbox 360 Pro / Xbox 360 Premium:

The Xbox 360 Pro, which is also named the Premium Package, is the same as the XBox 360 Arcade, and has hybrid composite and component cable, which helped a lot with the quality of picture. It also had a hard drive which you could take out, originally the standard was 20 GB, but then standard was 60GB. This was to save game points, your profile, music, films, anything. This hard drive came with many game demos, great videos and the arcade game Hexic HD for free! In Summer ’07, this XBox began to come with a another motherboard called Zephyr, it had the most modern HDMI and better GPU heatsink. Although this bundle did include an HDMI output, it did not arrive with an HDMI lead. As early as Sept 07, the most up to date XBox 360s started to come with the latest Falcon Motherboard This motherboard includes the new 65-nm Central Processing Unit, making them more quiet and not as hot than the old systems. On 1st Aug ’08, the twenty Gigabyte edition was discontinued and was interchanged by a 60 GB Hard Drive version at the same price. Holiday 2008 consoles were put with with Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and Kung Fu Panda. Price cuts that were in place on Sept 4th 08 reduced the price from $349 to $299. The Xbox 360 Pro, following its discontinuation, retailed for $249.99 until stocks were gone.

Xbox 360 Elite:

The Xbox 360 Elite came with a 120 GB HDD and a matte black finish. The Elite shop bundle also included a controller and headset that was the same as the XBox’s matte black finish. The initial release price was $479.99 USD, $549.99, £299.99, and AU$729.95. The Elite was put in the shops in Europe on August 24th, 2007, Australia on August 30th, 2007 and North America on April 29th, 2007. These Elites (and other Xbox 360 models using the Falcon) can be identified from earlier versions by a re-designed power connector and a power supply rated to 175 W. In 2009, Elite models using the Jasper chipset became available. These can also be discovered by their power supply, which is rated at 150W and has a 12.1A 12v rail. Holiday 2008 consoles were bundled up with Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and Kung Fu Panda. The XBox 360 Elite’s price went from $449 to $399 on September 4, 2008. With the announcement of the new Xbox 360 250 GB model, the Elite decreased in price to US$249.99 for consoles that were still available until stores are exhausted.

Xbox 360 Arcade:

The Xbox 360 Arcade substituted the “Xbox 360 Core” as the entry level Xbox 360 on October 23, 2007, while keeping the Core’s cost of US$279.99. It was publicly let out by Microsoft’s chairperson of Entertainment Devices division Robbie Bach to the Financial Times on October 18, 2007, and officially announced on October 22, 2007, although it was available in stores far earlier. It included a wireless control pad, AV lead, HDMI 1.2 output, a 256 MB memory unit and five Xbox Live Arcade titles: Boom Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and Uno on a CD, which also included a “Welcome Video” and several game trailers/demos. Similar to its predecessor the “Core”, it didn’t have a hard drive., which is required for Xbox software backwards compatibility. In Autumn 2008, with the introduction of the Jasper motherboard revision, the memory unit was taken from the package and substituted with an 256 MB internal memory chip. This was later upgraded to a 512 MB chip in Summer 09. Holiday ’08 consoles were bundled with Sega Superstars Tennis. With the price reductions on September 4, 2008, the Arcade dropped from US$279 to US$199 in the US. In the UK, with the 2009 Elite price drop and discontinuation of the “Premium” Pro SKU, the Arcade price advanced from GB£129.99 to GB£159.99. With the unveiling of the Xbox 360 S redesign, the Arcade fell in price to US$149.99 for remaining XBoxs’ until stocks are took. The Arcade was replaced at the US$200 price tier by the 4 GB Xbox 360 S.


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