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Summer Fundraising Ideas that Inspire Giving

In the summer months, spirits are typically high and activities are in full swing, making this time of year ideal for hosting outdoor fundraising events or cause-based campaigns.

You can get your supporters excited about what your nonprofit is working on with these summer fundraising ideas with real-life examples. 

Host a Summer-Themed Event

Barbecues, food tastings, and pool parties are fun event ideas, but they won’t inspire giving if they don’t truly resonate with and help to promote your cause. Incorporating fun outdoor activities that align with your campaign mission takes time and creativity, but can be a lot of fun with a very positive outcome when done right!


Launch a Cause-Based Fundraising Event

If you want people to participate in a cause-based event, launching it in the summer is a pretty safe bet that more people will want to attend.

Focus on the causes that your nonprofit are passionate about then take it outdoors. Runs, walks, bake sales, carnivals, etc. and turn those events in cause-based events.


Depending on your particular mission and upcoming campaign goals, there are a variety of things you can do that take advantage of this energizing and happy season that could inspire increased giving to your organization.

For additional information regarding fundraising events, join us at our upcoming webinar on July 18th at 2:00 PM.


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