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Recurring Donations

Summer is a great time to let your donors know they can set up a recurring donation through your Stewardship Technology all in one EGS platform. Whether they are out of town at the beach, helping with a local half marathon, or exploring all the local ice cream shops, by setting up a recurring donation they don’t have to worry about forgetting to support the church or organization they’re passionate about.


Three Ways to Schedule a Recurring Donation


One: Through the Biggest Bestest Most Awesomest Giving Form

With the new giving form, it is easy for donors to set up a recurring donation. They simply go to your giving link, input their donation amount, select recurring, and then select their frequency of choice. Once they have finished completing the form, they have set up their recurring donation in a matter of minutes.

Summer Donor Form



Two: Through their Donor Account

The great thing about Stewardship Technology’s platform is the ability for donors to manage their own giving account. From their donor account in just a few clicks they can set up their recurring donation.

After logging into their account, they would click on New donation.

Image 1


Then they can search for their designation on the left-hand side and input the amount and frequency on the right-hand side. Once they have clicked save they are all set.

Image 2


Three: You can set up a recurring donation for them!

If a donor needs a little assistance, you can set up a recurring donation for them. First search for the donor under the Donor tab and then click on View Transactions.

Image 3


Next click on Add E-Donation.

Image 4


Choose their designation and click on Donate to This and then click on Continue.

Image 5

Image 6

Input the details about their donation, including the frequency and then click on Submit.


Image 7

Now your donors can relax and enjoy the sunshine knowing they are not missing a beat.


If you have additional questions, please contact Julianne Manning at 

jmanning@stewardshiptechnology.com or  866.604.8880.