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Biggest, Bestest, Most Awesomest Giving Form Upgrades

Today we took the next step in redesigning our Biggest, Bestest, Most
Awesomest Giving Form. It’s the best form how could it get better you
ask, WELL IT DID! Take a look around and get excited about these
new features!


New Giving Forms Upgrades (002)


Whats New?

You now have the ability to customize the Suggested Donations Buttons. Also,
you have options for donors to donate in Memory of and In Honor of someone.
New donors can create an account, and returning donors can sign in then
donate through the form – many new features to maximize your donor
We’ll go in further detail at our upcoming Webinar on Thursday April 19th at
3:00pm. Register for our upcoming webinar below.

 Register Here

What’s Coming Next……

Updates to the Themes Settings, Multilingual options, and created Custom

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