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MissionPay Platform & Electonic Giving Solutions – Join our Webinar and Learn More

Stewardship Technology’s MissionPay payment platform is a cloud-based omnichannel front-end that can easily integrate with any ISO, ISA, or VAR utilizing our proprietary gateway, online merchant boarding tool, and API’S:

  • One-stop shop enabling merchants and partners to engage their consumers anytime, anywhere, anyway by selecting multiple payment options, channels, products and services that are custom tailored to their unique business needs
  • Open platform that is self-service based, processor and back-end platform agnostic; allowing the merchant and partner to white label all the products and services to customize the payment experience to their end consumer
  • MissionPay automates and streamlines the merchant and partners implementation process from on-boarding, through data exchange, A/R integration, and custom reporting
  • Plug-and-play architecture facilitates our ability to interface with any front-end or back-end platform through simple, standard API calls
  • Tokenization, PCI compliant payment forms, Point of Sale (POS) software products and card swipe devices used to accept all forms of electronic payment in any acceptable environment

Stewardship Technology’s Electronic Giving Solutions platform and self-service administrative tools provide all the services necessary to support non-profits and faith-based organizations:

  • Our newly redesigned Donation Form allows intuitive navigation for the donor to complete payment transactions on one screen
  • Branding flexibility that allows the client to embed logos, wallpaper, banners, background colors, fonts and organization-specific demographic fields through an online donation or mobile payment page
    • Configurable payment options including one-time payments, scheduled payments, and recurring payment setup
    • Configurable payment types including all major credit and debit cards and eCheck processing
  • Donor pays fee option
  • Real-time reporting and downloadable demographic data on the payer
  • Collection of e-mail & mobile information for future online marketing
  • Peer to Peer fundraising and Crowdfunding capabilities to easily host your event, capital raises, and fundraising for missions
  • Event Registration
  • Text to Give makes it easy for donors to give through a mobile device

Come join us for today’s webinar at 3pm to learn more:

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