Time Saving Tips for your Donation Process

There are many ways to save time when it comes to organizing your donation process; it will be trial and error process in figuring what works best for your organization and what helps you receive the best feedback from your members.

The best time-saving tip would be to have a majority of your donation process and platform to be online. Not only is it easier for your donors since many people don’t carry cash and especially don’t have checks, but it can be easier for your organization, too. With all of your donation information tracked and recorded without a lot of manual labor, it will be easier to set realistic goals.

You will have a better idea and understanding of what your organization is capable of doing since all of the previous months will be tracked online as well.

Your Donation Process

To keep track of who your donors are, be sure your website has a sign-up page that collects all of the information; name, phone number, email and addresses. With this, you will be able to keep track of all of the donors which will help when you have a large fundraiser your organization is beginning to plan. You will not have to go through donation by donation and look up their information on who to send invites to, but it will all be one place.

Another great benefit to this is a headcount of who is visiting your website. You will always have numbers at your fingertips to set realistic expectations for the number of attendees when planning an event.

Setting up automatic tax receipts to be sent will help your organization save time because you won’t have to manually write one for each donor. When someone makes an online donation, be sure to have an option if they would like a tax receipt emailed or printed, ‘click here’.

This can help guarantee people won’t be coming around tax return season looking for the receipts for all of the donations they have made to you throughout the year. Another automated must is making sure a thank you goes out with every donation. Receiving a thank you in a timely fashion is both respectable and appreciated if they take too long to be sent out; like handwritten cards typically do, it is easy to come across as a compulsory practice without feeling genuine.

Getting the word out about your organization can be challenging, but let your donors do the work for you, by letting them brag about what organization they just donated towards. Make sure there is a ‘share’ feature on your website that is sharable on all social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter.

By doing so, you will save your organization so much time and effort that no longer needs to be put into making sure people see your organization’s website. People’s friends and followers on social media are typically like-minded people who will hopefully result in more followers of your organization.

When creating your organization’s website or donation page on an already made website, make sure someone who is tech savvy is in charge of the website design and functionality. If you have a cool website that isn’t routinely updated with correct calendars and upcoming events. It is likely people will leave your website and not trust it to donate money through. Also, be sure your organization has artwork or symbol that is unique to your platform. Having something small but recognizable will help brand your organization. People will look for that piece of artwork when donating because it helps your website prove authenticity.

Don’t forget to use the 80/20 rule; spend 20% of your time creating your websites content, and 80% of your time promoting it.

It is easy to get caught up in creating the ‘perfect website’, but if you spend your entire day creating that, you haven’t spent any time finding donors. When trying to save time during your donation process, make sure you are spending an efficient amount time where it is important. There are so many websites on the internet that yours will never be found if you don’t promote it. Some ways to promote your website are sending out scheduled emails that are prewritten and ready to go. You can send these emails to everyone who has already left their information on your sign-up page.

According to CNBC, the best time to send an email is 10 am, you will catch most people at work or at their desk who are sitting and have an extra moment to read emails rather than in the morning when they are trying to get out the door or later in their afternoon when they are heading home and purposely not checking emails. Time-saving tips for your donation process may take a little longer, in the beginning, to get everything accurately set up and running but will likely save your organization a lot of time in the long run.

If you’re looking to save even more time and money, contact the experts at Stewardship Technology for more information!