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5 Ways an Electronic Giving Solution Can Help Your Church

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Have you heard of an electronic giving solution? While keeping up with the fast pace of society and technological advancements, it is easy to feel like you are behind the times and it is impossible to catch up. Although sending a basket down the pews after mass or church is always a way to receive donations for your church, it is not a likely way to collect large donations.

The only thing becoming less popular than cash is checks, and this day in age it is all about online banking and being able to send money quickly. If your church already has a website, the hard part is taken care of; setting up a donation page is simple and can be very rewarding for future endeavors.

When taking into account all of the reasons why online donations can help your church, remember it is a lot easier for your convocation to give in the comfort of their own home.

5 Ways an Electronic Giving Solution Can Help Your Church

1. Advertising where your donation will be going

When asking for donations for your church, strong imagery can support someone’s reason for giving. For example, if your church is saving for an upcoming mission trip, pairing a slide show of last year’s mission trip on the donation page will show your contributors what the money will be going to.

People are visual beings and like to “see” what they are purchasing.

2. The option of recurring donations

Receiving a one-time donation is wonderful, and something to be greatly appreciated, however receiving a recurring monthly or bi-monthly payment from donors has many benefits.

Your organization will have a minimum idea of how many donations they receive monthly due to the number of subscribers. With that knowledge, you can plan what the money will be spent on more consistently, helping your budget stay on track.

It always nice to have a base level of what your donations will be, something you can consistently count on.

3. Provide an incentive with exclusive benefits

Create a monthly newsletter for people who have a recurring donation to see what their donations have gone to this month. Having an option of a present, for example, a t-shirt or water bottle, shipped to them when they donate a certain amount is a great way to show your donors your appreciation while giving them a branded reminder of your organization.

When offering this, be sure to include an, ‘I prefer not to receive the gift so that my entire donation will go towards _____ Church”. Sometimes people don’t want the gift, and you do not want to have them wasted. Also, having a tier program can encourage people to donate more. When giving a certain amount, you receive the newsletter, if you donate a more substantial amount you receive a t-shirt and so on.

Your church or parish can also look into incentives for people like recognition. It’s a great way to let everyone know the wonderful things people of your community are doing.

4. Transparency

Be completely transparent with how the organization is spending the money could help encourage people to donate more if they are seeing their pay make a positive impact in the community around them. Making each donor care about what you are doing and you will build a sense of community through your donation page.

If people don’t trust, they won’t donate.

5. Beginning more projects

If there are a couple of things your church wants to raise money for but not sure how to divide up the donations evenly, let your donors choose where their contributions go. While on the donation page, after picking a monetary value, there can be a drop-down window option of where to donate to.

Maybe it is Sunday school art projects, maybe your church has a mission trip that needs funding, or perhaps it is an after-school daycare that your faith is trying to start. With multiple options, each donor can pick what is important to them and can help in a way they feel will benefit the community. Also by doing this, you can track what people enjoy donating too, and your church can have a better marketing technique to understand your donors a little better.

Electronic Giving Solution

Instead of having giving forms you have to hand write, customize them with mobile friendly pages to provide a sense of professionalism. People have their mobile phones on them at all times but they won’t always be able to turn in a check unless they’re at your church service. Save time and money with an electronic giving solution.

Being consistent with social media is helpful when promoting your website, make sure everything is up to date and your calendars are accurate. A site that is easy to navigate while also protecting your donor’s credit card information is essential to your church’s long-term success. If your church is looking for an electronic giving solution, then talk to the experts at Stewardship Technology to find out how to make your giving process more efficient.

Don’t have a website? Our mobile app allows your congregation to give from their smart phone or tablet, making it easier than ever to give.

Better yet… 

The experts at Stewardship Technology are offering a 90 day free trial of their electronic giving solution. Contact us today for more information.

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