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Summer Fundraising Ideas

Summer Campaign Branded EGS

Donors are much more receptive to asks when they are in good moods – who would have thought?!

So take advantage of the happiest season of the year — SUMMER!

Summer is a great time to engage with donors. The sun is shining, the weather is good, and daylight lasts forever.

It is a season that beckons people outside, so heed the call.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 favorite summer fundraising ideas:

  1. Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign
  2. Host a Block Party
  3. Host a Pool Party
  4. Organize a Water Balloon Fight
  5. Coordinate a Car Wash
  6. Host a Fish Fry or Barbecue
  7. Run a Walk-a-Thon, Bike-a-Thon, or Swim-a-Thon
  8. Cater a Dinner or Host a Gala Outdoors
  9. Run a summer Golf Tournament
  10. Organize an Outdoor Concert
  11. Coordinate a Summer Film Series
  12. Create an Art Show
  13. Food and/or Drink Festival
  14. Summer Hike and Camping Excursion
  15. Summer Adventure Scavenger Hunt
  16. Outdoor Exercise Class (Goat Yoga Anyone?)
  17. Day Camp
  18. BBQ Dinner or Food Eating Contest
  19. Summer Solstice Clam Boil
  20. Summer Concert
Crowdfunding, Online Donations, Peer to Peer Funding

Let’s Talk Summer Events

Summer is a great time to engage with donors. The sun is shining, the weather is good, and daylight lasts forever.

So take advantage of the happiest season of the year — summer!

Our All-in-One EGS Platform includes Event Registration, which allows you to create unlimited events for all of your summer events. With the Event tab, you can create online registration for summer camps, golf outings, Vacation Bible School, or any event that you may have.

Click on the link below to watch an event tutorial to see how easy it is to build an event through our EGS Platform and engage your donors at an entirely different level.

If you don’t have the EGS Platform on your current Stewardship Technology account, contact us directly so you can begin taking advantage of the features TODAY!


Summer Event EGS

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Stewardship Technology Announces Partnership with eKYROS

Press Release 6-2018 eKYROS

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Mount Vernon, Ohio) Stewardship Technology signs partnership agreement with the number one pregnancy management software solution serving the Pro-Life Ministry.

Press Release 6-2018 eKYROS



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Electronic Giving Soulution, Online Donations, Peer to Peer Funding

Recurring Donations

Summer is a great time to let your donors know they can set up a recurring donation through your Stewardship Technology all in one EGS platform. Whether they are out of town at the beach, helping with a local half marathon, or exploring all the local ice cream shops, by setting up a recurring donation they don’t have to worry about forgetting to support the church or organization they’re passionate about.


Three Ways to Schedule a Recurring Donation


One: Through the Biggest Bestest Most Awesomest Giving Form

With the new giving form, it is easy for donors to set up a recurring donation. They simply go to your giving link, input their donation amount, select recurring, and then select their frequency of choice. Once they have finished completing the form, they have set up their recurring donation in a matter of minutes.

Summer Donor Form



Two: Through their Donor Account

The great thing about Stewardship Technology’s platform is the ability for donors to manage their own giving account. From their donor account in just a few clicks they can set up their recurring donation.

After logging into their account, they would click on New donation.

Image 1


Then they can search for their designation on the left-hand side and input the amount and frequency on the right-hand side. Once they have clicked save they are all set.

Image 2


Three: You can set up a recurring donation for them!

If a donor needs a little assistance, you can set up a recurring donation for them. First search for the donor under the Donor tab and then click on View Transactions.

Image 3


Next click on Add E-Donation.

Image 4


Choose their designation and click on Donate to This and then click on Continue.

Image 5

Image 6

Input the details about their donation, including the frequency and then click on Submit.


Image 7

Now your donors can relax and enjoy the sunshine knowing they are not missing a beat.


If you have additional questions, please contact Julianne Manning at or  866.604.8880.

Crowdfunding, Electronic Giving Soulution, Online Donations, Peer to Peer Funding

Tips for Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

It is always important to say thank you to your donors for supporting your organization. But more than saying thank you, let them know how their support has impacted your mission! 77% of donors believe everyone can make a difference by supporting a cause. (1) An engaged donor is more likely to donate again.


Tips for Saying Thank You:

  • Send out an email saying “Thank You” in the subject line. Research shows that emails with a statement of thanks in the subject line are 38-69% more likely to be read. (2)
  • Share a story. There is no better way to show a donor their impact than with a testimonial from someone who has been impacted by their giving.
  • Only if necessary use words. Share a picture or use a graph to show donors how their contribution has been put to work.


You can use your EGS Donor Statistical Graph to download a list of your active donors and then do a mail merge with your email provider to send your thank you email. Below are the steps when using Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word.


From the Dashboard, view your Donor Statistical box at the bottom of your page. Click on View All to download your CSV spreadsheet.


Thank you


Filter and edit your spreadsheet so that only the columns with the first name, last name, and email address are showing. Then save your document.


Thank you 1

Thank you 2

Thank you 3

Next, open a new Microsoft Word document. Then click on Mailingsà Start Mail Merge à then E-mail Messages.

Thank you 4


Next, click on Select Recipients à Use an Existing List à then choose your saved spreadsheet.


Thank you 5

After you have finished writing your letter click on Finish & Merge then Send Email Messages…


Thank you 6


Then give your email a subject. Don’t forget to say thank you in your subject line! Then click ok. When you click ok, your message will be sent. If you check your sent folder in Outlook, you can view all your sent messages.

Thank you 7